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kaffe-quilts-again.jpgKaffe Quilts Again

Kaffe Fassett takes 20 of his favourite quilt blocks from his own unique series of patchwork and quilting books with Rowan and recolours them with the new collection of Rowan fabrics. Photographed in a simple village in the heart of rural Bulgaria, they create a stunning array of colour contrasts, harmonies and shapes, giving quilters the chance to see a master colourist and his team of designers at work. Kaffe's desire to recreate these designs with new fabrics cam after seeing how his students often came up with novel versions of his original designs and he felt impelled to do the same.

The resulting new collection, chosen by Kaffe from his own an his team of designers' original designs, is a scintillating lesson in how to use colour. The new fabrics, from the stripes and prints of Kaffe's own designs. Philip Jacobs' bold florals, and Brandon Mably's more geometric designs, bring a wonderful touch of novelty and freshness as Kaffe's use of exciting new Marque Stripes fabric in both his Crazy Corners and Marque Chevrons quilts demonstrates so well. Once again, Kaffe's talented team - Liza Prior Lucy, Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, Pauline Smith and Brandon Mably - lend their individual talents to the mix and the results are some wonderfully diverse and exciting new colourways.

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Stockist Information

The Glorious Color Shop This link opens in a new window, formerly Glorious Patchwork, specializes in fabric, books, patterns, and other products designed or selected for quilters by Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy. We carry all of Kaffe's fabrics, including the fabric featured in Rowan Patchwork and Quilting Book Number 4 and Colourful Journey, like the 'Dotty', 'Bubbles', 'Chrysanthemum', 'Floral Dance', and 'Paperweights'. We also carry complementary fabric collections by designers like Amy Butler.

The Cotton Patch This link opens in a new window is a fantastic place in the UK to acquire a wide range of Kaffe's patchwork and quilting fabrics.

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Kaffe Fassett's Mosaic


Mosaic is a medium... ...that can utilize so much that is undervalued or thrown away in our society. The wonderful patterns created by repetition of rubbish-tip items reminds us of elegant ethnic decoration. A simple spoon, key or cup handle repeated acquires a magic, hypnotic musical rhythm. Once people start to play in this simple way, they spot opportunities everywhere. I hope this book can help to free the inner artist in you so you can find joy in expression. - Kaffe Fassett

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Kaffe Fassett's Knitting


My own story in the knitting world is a graphic example of 'ignorance is bliss'. Having spent most of my life, until the age of 28, as a painter of still life and portraits, I had no experience of needlework. Often I would find myself drooling over some richly woven or embroidered cloth in a still life and wonder how on earth it was made.Now at that time, in the early sixties, there was a taboo against 'serious' artists dabbling in the crafts.

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Kaffe Fassett's Paintings


Kaffe Fassett, Californian artist and textile designer, lives and works in London. Trained as an artist, his paintings have been shown and collected in London, New York and San Francisco over many years. His murals, too, feature in many homes and commercial enterprises. The decorative arts and the objects we collect around us have, from early days, been his particular passion.

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